Vintage<br>Slat Panels

Vintage<br>Slat Panels

Vintage<br>Slat Panels

Vintage<br>Slat Panels

Slat Panels

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Developed by the world's leading specialists in composite wood. A thin layer of polyethylene that protects the composite wood from stains and UV rays against any discoloration, provides the long-lasting durability of a composite board and the beautifully warm appearance of wood.


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Random nuances in colors and varying shades reinforce the realistic impression of a natural, untreated material. A matt appearance that is intense and multichromatic dresses our outdoor kitchens with a modern look of natural wood that will blend harmoniously into the environment.


• Waterproof, insensitive to weathering, does not deform and keeps its aesthetics for a very long time. Its color is stabilized by anti-UV additives which guarantee a long-lasting stable color with almost unnoticeable discoloration.

• Unlike other wood composites, the surface of our composite slat panels and fronts is not porous, will not rot, and is extremely easy to maintain. Simply cleaning it with water and a soft brush without any detergent is enough.