Lynx Sedona Single Side Burner

Lynx Sedona Single Side Burner

Lynx Sedona Single Side Burner

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The Lynx Sedona Built-In Single Side Burner can be built into your outdoor kitchen for additional cooking space for your favorite side dishes. This single burner offers 12,500 BTUs of intense high heat and a low simmer.

This burner is designed with the burner and burner basin being sealed and easy to clean. The hot surface ignition system is easy to start and the controls are illuminated with blue LEDs. This burner is built to last and the heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease and moisture can collect.


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Why They're Loved

It’s luxurious living, and hand craftsmanship. 


Details are the specialty of Lynx Side Burners, with small sizes and flexible placements to perfectly capture your side dishes and toppings. Grill summer squash with oil and rosemary, melt a lemon butter sauce for your mahi-mahi, or warm a peanut curry sauce for your chicken. Even spectacular entrées can use an extra touch.

About Lynx Sedona

The Sedona by Lynx fits comfortably in a world where luxury elements are balanced with well-worn staples. Where warm breezes mix with good friends and quiet moments. A world where big meals are designed to delight, or intimate dining is enjoyed under the stars.



• Versatile intensity—one burner that you can turn from low simmer up to intense heat at 12,500 BTU
• Proven dependability—reliable spark ignition system
• Beautiful coverage—stainless steel cover to protect the burner when not in use
• Clean finish—burners and burner basin are sealed and easy to clean
• Striking illumination—backlit blue control knobs
• Steadfast durability—heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease can collect