One Collection

We are proud to present ONE, our first outdoor kitchen collection.


With 2021 as our launch pad, we are proud to present ONE, our first outdoor kitchen collection — one that we believe will reflect your character, lifestyle, and dreams — one that will withstand wind, moisture, freezing cold and the burning sun.

A complete outdoor kitchen system with an unparalleled outdoor charm — ONE, will blend naturally into your outdoor environment creating unity and harmony with the exterior of your home and the nature around it.

Built and Designed in Conroe, Texas with a fully welded structural aluminum frame and highly durable outdoor materials, our ONE outdoor kitchen collection will withstand the outdoor elements and be with you through many seasons of outdoor cooking and late-night patio beers.

Handcrafted. Not Assembled.

Beautiful frame with all-welded structural grade aluminum frames for superior strength and ultra-high corrosion resistance.

Its bold and beautifully welded Aluminum Channel Front Frame gives our ONE Collection a robust appeal and handcrafted statement.

Frame finish available in two powder coat color options: Midnight Black and Anthracite Gray.

The advantage of a remarkable and durable slat wood appearance without the maintenance of natural wood.

Developed by the world's leading specialists in composite wood. A thin layer of polyethylene that protects the composite wood from stains and UV rays against any discoloration, provides the long-lasting durability of a composite board and the beautifully warm appearance of wood.

Random nuances in colors and varying shades reinforce the realistic impression of a natural, untreated material. A matt appearance that is intense and multi-chromatic dresses our outdoor kitchens with a modern look of natural wood that will blend harmoniously into the environment.

Waterproof, insensitive to weathering, does not deform, and keeps its aesthetics for a very long time. Its color is stabilized by anti-UV additives, which guarantee a long-lasting stable color with almost unnoticeable discoloration.

Colors Inspired by Nature


Inspired by classic cement structures — comprising grains of sand interpreting a calm movement, created from raw materials of variable grain size. The design is even and controlled, although it provides darker or lighter areas depending on the density of the pattern. Its matte texture and gray tone combine with any type of material and make it suitable for any application.


This black with textured visual sensation will bring realism and strength to your outdoor kitchen environment.

DEKTON® - by Cosentino. The Most Advanced Outdoor Countertops

Dekton® is an ultracompact, ultra-durable material made from a unique blend of raw materials and semi-precious stones through a revolutionary high-tech process. Dekton mimics Mother Nature’s process for creating dense natural stones.

A beautiful yet extremely hard-wearing surface designed for everyday use, DEKTON® is entirely food-safe and highly resistant to scratches, stains, heat, frost, rain and to the effects of UV rays, making it the perfect surface for outdoor applications.

Extremely Weather Resistant

Marine Grade Internal Structure

Our system is built with an internal structure made of impact, scratch, weather, and UV resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to provide an additional level of structural support and protection from the elements to the interior of our units. HDPE is lightweight, low maintenance, and offers zero water absorption, so neither rain nor food mess will cause warping, rotting, or cracking.

Stainless Steel Components

The outdoor kitchen finishes and components that define your style and and eliminate the need for repairs for years to come.

Doors & Drawer Pulls

Featuring a clean, barely-there design, our Edge Pull offers a fresh, minimal hardware style

Leveling Feet

Stainless Steel, adjustable, and heavy-duty stainless steel leveling feet that can handle any slope in your outdoor kitchen area and make it level.

Connector System

Stainless Steel, clamp-style invisible connector system that connects all base units into a single, connected system and allows for the ultimate speed and ease of installation

Hardware & Fasteners

All stainless-steel hardware – Door Hinges and Drawer Slides – and fasteners to ensure no rust or corrosion occurs even in the harshest outdoor environmen