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What makes you different?

Our Approach

We are different in several ways from the traditional built-In custom outdoor kitchens (stucco, polymer, or other), ready-to-finish kits (aluminum or steel frames and cement board) and ‘semi-custom’ cabinets (stainless or aluminum) out there. While some of these outdoor kitchens may look and work well, we believe we provide the best combination of Design, Functionality, Durability, and Buying Experience that money can buy.

How do your prices compare with other alternatives?

Our Approach

An outdoor kitchen is a big investment and for that reason, we encourage our customers to shop around and compare us with other options. When asked, we can even point them to some of our competitors and help them compare proposals. Comparing prices can be a difficult task since outdoor kitchens have many components, require making many complex choices, and can come with many hidden costs.

Our up-front pricing and complete-solution approach offer the highest level of convenience and pricing transparency for outdoor kitchens in the market. There is an incalculable number of options for you to chose from making pricing a difficult thing to compare; however, we’ve found that when compared with the full cost of a high-quality contractor built-In alternative, we’re typically priced 10% to 20% below, but higher than the BBQ islands or cabinet systems you can buy online or in big-box retailers.

Are you planning more Collections?


We have plans to introduce a new outdoor kitchen design collection every year, sometime between Winter and Spring. Each collection is intended to be available for two years, giving you plenty of time to buy new module units and expand your system over time as your needs change or your budget grows. This means that at any given time, you’ll be able to choose from two different collections, each beautiful in its own right.

Can I select options that are not part of any of your current Collections?


We spend a great deal of time researching the market for the best in outdoor kitchen design styles and outdoor rated materials and select only the best of them in our Collections. 

Striking a balance between beautiful design, amazing durability and functionality and a competitive price point is not a simple task. To help us do that, we opted to limit (but optimize) the number of base units, countertop styles, panel materials, and storage modules we can offer. This means that while we may not always be able to accommodate every one of your needs, we can still accommodate most (if not all) of your preferences and offer you an unsurpassed buying experience.

What material are the inside storage cabinets made of?


We build the internal storage area (side panels, baseboards, shelves, and drawers) of our outdoor kitchen cabinets with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), by far the most durable material in the outdoor cabinetry industry. It is a high-technology polymer that will not fade, rot or corrode when exposed to the harshest outdoor elements. It is extremely low maintenance and will simply outperform every other material in the market.

How does your design process work?

Design Process

Our design process is quite simple. All we need to get started is the following:

1. Detailed dimensions of the space where you want to fit your outdoor kitchen.
2. A few pictures of your space.
3. Your ideas on how much space you want to cover, layout shape, your desired equipment (grill, sink, fridge, etc.) and any other design thoughts you want to share with us.

With this information, we will send you rendering drawings of a proposed layout showing how this would look in your space, including a detailed quote.

We’ll then revise it with you and make any changes you need until you are completely satisfied with your design.

Can I order locally?


Each unit we build starts as raw material and is transformed into a premium quality outdoor kitchen in our Conroe, TX. manufacturing facility. We then sell them directly to you, handling all our installations in order to deliver the best customer experience possible. For that reason, during our initial sales phase we are limiting our sales and service coverage area to our surrounding metropolitan area – Houston metro, and Austin, TX.

To expand our sales and service geographic coverage, we’re developing a network of local service partners in selected cities and locations around the country. Stay tuned for more information on this as we begin to roll out new locations.

What are your payment terms?


We require a 50% down payment and full payment when your outdoor kitchen is ready and delivery/installation being scheduled.

Can I see your outdoor kitchens locally?


We don't have distributors or traditional retailers with outdoor kitchen showrooms… in other words, no middle-man and no costly showroom infrastructure. We do this to keep our prices as fair as possible and to provide you with the best possible buying experience.

For those who live within an easy drive from our manufacturing facility, we can set up an appointment to visit us and see firsthand the units we have on display, including how we build them!

Once I place an order, can I cancel or change any details?


Once an order is placed, it is generally not possible to cancel or change it in any way. If you realize you need to request a change, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to accommodate your request but unfortunately, it is not guaranteed.

Where do you deliver?

Delivery and Installation

We currently deliver and install our outdoor kitchens in the Houston and Austin, Texas metro areas, however, we remain open to considering interesting projects in other cities in Texas. We also have plans to expand to other metro areas soon… stay tuned!

How much does delivery and installation cost?

Delivery and Installation

For a limited time, we’re offering FREE delivery and installation on all orders located in our served metro areas.

How long will it take to receive my outdoor kitchen?

Delivery and Installation

We strive to have all completed orders ready for delivery within 3 to 4 weeks from order confirmation.

How long will installation take?

Delivery and Installation

We’ll set up a day and time with you to deliver and install your Mamalon Outdoor Kitchen. Since all the fabrication work has already been done at our manufacturing facility, and thanks to the use of our clever fastening and connector system which allow for the ultimate speed and ease of installation, we’ll probably be in and out of your home in less than a couple of hours.

What does your installation service include and exclude?

Delivery and Installation

We’ll make sure every base unit in your outdoor kitchen design layout, including countertops (if you opted to get them from us) are perfectly straight, aligned, connected, and secured, and your equipment is fitted perfectly. If your setup requires water, electricity, or gas to be installed, you will need to contract a trade professional to ensure it all gets done properly.

Where does the name Mamalon come from?

Our Brand

Thank you for making it this far into our website and for asking this question!

The word Mamalon is an informal expression used mainly in Mexico (particularly in the north) to describe something they believe is incredibly awesome, authentic, or impressive. Probably its closest approximation to an English word would ‘Rad’ or ‘Kick@ss’. We’re sure that paints a picture, right!? 

We believe our name is unique and properly describes the uncompromising quality and beauty of our outdoor kitchen designs.

What will Mamalon make next?

Our Brand

While we are passionate about elevating the home outdoor living experience by focusing on making beautiful and long-lasting outdoor kitchens, we believe that our approach to making them can extend into other outdoor living product categories. Our future is bright, and we look forward to the opportunity to enhance our customers' outdoor living experience through more products beyond their outdoor kitchens.