Spend More Time Outside with the Modular Outdoor Kitchen You Deserve

Crafted for Life

Built and designed in Conroe, Texas, with a durable welded frame system and thoughtfully selected outdoor materials that will stand the test of time.

Welded Aluminum Frame

All-welded and powder-coated structural grade aluminum frames for superior strength and ultra-high corrosion resistance. All stainless-steel hardware and fasteners and connector system to ensure no rust or corrosion occurs even in the harshest outdoor kitchen environment

Advanced Countertops

Our technologically advanced porcelain and natural granite countertops are beautiful, yet long lasting and extremely hard-wearing in everyday outdoor use.

High-end Panels and Fronts

Developed by the world's leading experts in composite wood and used as a façade cladding material for high-end buildings and homes, our panels and fronts provide the advantage of a remarkable and durable wood appearance while remaining weatherproof. They are insensitive to weathering, which means they will keep their original color and aesthetics for a very long time.

Marine-grade Internal Structure

Our internal panels and drawers are made of impact, weather, and UV-resistant HDPE to provide the best protection possible from the elements. Also known as 'Marine Board' due to its marine grade properties, our HDPE panels are lightweight, low maintenance, and offer zero water absorption so neither rain or sunlight will cause warping, rotting, or cracking.

Thoughtful Design

A unique outdoor design of amazing character and many cleverly resolved details.

In Harmony With Nature

Carefully selected materials and finishes that blend well into landscapes and correspond with nature and the environment, creating unity and harmony with the exterior of the home and the nature around it.

Modular Functionality

Interchangeability of use to fit almost any need, space, and style. Its freestanding design allows you to rearrange your outdoor kitchen into a different layout that fits your changing design ideas or needs. You can even relocate it to a new area or home.

Expand Over Time

Start with just one or a couple of Base Units - i.e.: a grill and a refrigerator module - to suit your current needs and budget and expand it over time.

Delivered AND Installed!

We'll set up a day and time with you to deliver and install your Mamalon Outdoor Kitchen. Our clever fastening and connector system allow for the ultimate speed and ease of installation. Thanks to this system, all the fabrication work has been completed at our manufacturing facility. We'll probably be in and out of your home in less than a couple of hours.

We'll make sure your base units and countertops are perfectly straight, aligned, connected, and secured and your equipment perfectly fitted. If your setup requires water, electricity, or gas installation, you will need to contract a trade professional to ensure it all gets done correctly.

Convenient Modular Design

We have overthought the design of your outdoor kitchen, so you don't have to! There is no need to engage a designer or contractor. Or to spend months thinking about the ideal outdoor kitchen design, configuration, materials, or layout. Mamalon, makes your entire outdoor kitchen project a breeze to complete!

All you need to do is select the right number and type of base units you want based on their functionality, overall dimensions, the space you have available and your desired layout; then, chose the frame color, countertop style, panel style and organizing modules (doors, drawer or shelves) that best suit your need and taste. Finally, narrow down your decision on simple details such as how large a grill you want or where to place your refrigerator unit.

Everything, from our base units, finishing materials and countertops, to the grill, sink, and other appliances such as ice chest, side-burner, and refrigerator, has been carefully chosen to integrate seamlessly and beautifully as a system.

Why They're Loved

“Mamalon has given my backyard a spot for family and friends to gather while enjoying the outdoors. Contemporary kitchen with a lasting quality for all weather conditions.”